We are a ministry of the First United Methodist Church. All children, regardless of race, creed, or ethnicity are welcome. We teach and try to live the life of a Christian as we follow Jesus. Each child is welcomed as a child of God, each with his or her own gifts and graces. We seek to provide an atmosphere where each child can grow and share with others.

We are located in Morse Hall, a charming house located directly next to the First United Methodist Church.The first floor is home to ACTIVA-TREE Christian Preschool. Our teaching staff consists of a Director/ teacher and assistant. We are governed by a board of directors comprised of church representatives and parents of students.

Our preschool day is structured with a mixture of free play and group time activities. It includes arts and crafts, table games, movement, stories, Bible time, finger plays and songs, snack, ta- ble work, and outdoor play. We do not have a set toileting time and encourage self-regulation of personal needs with reminders throughout the day, especially during transition times between inside and outdoor play and when going into the bathroom to wash hands as part of the routine.
During the year we teach Old and New Testament Bible stories along with other unit themes such as I am special, Jesus loves me, dinosaurs, insects, weather, safety, etc. Our curriculum is set up to make learning natural, with math, science, art, dramatic play, and even language arts learning happening as play is ongoing. Our pre-kindergarten students work on recognizing letters and

their sounds and practice writing their names.
Throughout the year we celebrate a number of special days: birth- days (we provide the special snack and party games), backwards day, pajamas day, full reward- bottle days, Christmas, Easter, and Valentines Day. On these days we begin the day as usual and fit the special celebration in during group and snack times so the routine is not disrupted enough to upset children who find secu- rity in routine.
All children enrolled in the full day program must bring a “sack lunch” with them. We have a short nap period following lunch to allow our students to rest. Special blankets or sleep toys from home may be used during this rest time.