Ms. Kathleen

When I was in college it didn’t surprise my mother when I told her I was changing my major from Home Economics to Child Development—she claims I told her I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher when I was in the sixth grade!  I graduated from Keene State College with a BA in Child Development and an AA in Safety Studies and a month later married my husband.  I spent the next five years working in child care centers and then opened my own family day care home where I stayed for eleven years, raising my son and two daughters and loving a lot of children who went home by six o’clock.  While doing home day care I provided a rich, varied preschool curriculum to my clients, and became involved with the Organization of Day Care Providers, a group of home providers dedicated to improving the quality of child care in our state.

One day my husband, who was working the night shift and trying to sleep during the noise of a busy lunchtime, came out of his room and asked me to take my time and find the right job, but please find a job out of the house so he could sleep!  I began job hunting and praying for the right “fit”.  I still remember praying before my interview at Activa-Tree and the sense of “You’re Home” that I had when I first walked through the preschool on that first visit back in 1996.

I feel fortunate to have a job that allows me to play and sing and share the love of God with the children and their parents who send them here. I truly love my time with the children and often feel like “the biggest duck in the puddle” when playing with them.  When I think back to students of the past I know I am getting old, but when I am sitting playing with play dough or singing songs about Jesus, I still feel like a big kid and I’m having the time of my life!